About WAXD

Mitch grew up playing ice hockey in New Jersey. He came out to Utah to play hockey and fell in love with the mountains. After a frustrating day in the mountains retying frozen laces, Mitch looked online for some waxed snowboarding laces. When he couldn't find any, he waxed his own for himself and friends.

What started out as a solution for a few people has since turned into a passion. Guided by constant feedback from riders, WAXD Laces are always improving to better serve riders and shoe-wearers everywhere, whether snow, pavement, or wherever else you choose to go.


We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us if you have feedback, a suggestion, or just want to tell us how awesome waxd laces are treating you. We're pretty easy to get a hold of, use this form to send us a message or you can email us at the address below. See you on the slopes!


  • info@waxdlaces.com

Office Address

  • 1977 Kingston Road
  • Farmington, UT 84025